Fullfield E1 3-9x40mm

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3-9x is the absolute classic size for American hunters in all sorts of terrain and conditions.

This state-of-the-art reticle has cascading windage and elevation dots, so you can execute long-range shots out to 500 yards in still or windy conditions.

  • Item no. 200320 Ballistic Plex E1 Non-illuminated
  • Item no. 200346 Ballistic Plex Shotgun
  • Item no. 200347 Ballistic Plex Muzzleloader
  • Item no. 200348 Ballistic Plex 450 Bushmaster
  • Item no. 200366 Ballistic Plex 350 Legend

The riflescope is resistant to a lifetime of field use, heavy recoil, and harsh vibration. It is protected by the Burris Forever Warranty™.