Veracity 5-25x50mm

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The Burris Veracity in 5-25x50mm size is designed to push the limits of long-range hunting, and to pull double duty in long range target and precision rifle shooting. It's perfect for varmint hunting and any other very long range hunting where pinpoint accuracy becomes critical.

The following options are available:

  • Item no. 200650 Ballistic Plex E1™ FFP Varmint
  • Item no. 200651 Ballistic Plex E1™ FFP  
  • Item no. 200652 SCR™ MOA

Versions are available with SCR or Ballistic E1 FFP reticle, and with the MAD Knob option, which allows easy changes from capped hunting knobs to exposed tactical style.  Model #200650 ships with both the covered and exposed elevation caps. Other knobs are available from Burris. Custom etched knobs are also available from Burris.