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XTR II 1.5-8x
XTR II 1.5-8x

XTR II 1.5-8x

$1,199.00 $899.00

The Burris XTR II 1.5-8x scope is unique, with a Dual Focal Plane. It combines the speed of a rear-focal plane design with the greater detail and constant accuracy of a front focal scope.  It allows this scope to double, working equally as a close quarter scope and out to some significant distances with 8 times magnification.

Dual Focal Plane reticle design allows crosshairs to change size with magnification so mil measurements and trajectory lines are accurate at any power, while the illuminated center size remains constant.

There are a bunch of options available here, with different reticles and kits to select from. Tactical kits include the scope, a FastFire 3, and a PEPR Mount.  Some of these models also feature MAD Knobs, which allows quick swaps from tactical style turret knobs to more traditional capped hunting knobs.

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