FastFire 3

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The FastFire 3 is the best selling red dot sight from Burris. It is available with a 3 MOA or 8 MOA dot, and with or without a picatinny mount. Many other mounts are also available.

Light  and  tough,  the  FastFire 3 series  puts an  unmistakable,  bright  red  dot  on  your target  to  give  you  an  immediate  speed and  accuracy  advantage.  Can  be  used  as  a  primary sight or paired on top of an existing sight.

  • Automatic brightness sensor adjusts brightness to match the environmental conditions; also has 3 manual brightness settings
  • Battery access is conveniently located on the top of the sight; automatic time-out feature after 8
  • hours helps battery last up to 5 years
  • Available with Picatinny/Weaver mount for mounting on rifles, handguns and tactical shotguns


Generally speaking, the 8 MOA dot is most popular for short range shooters, especially with handguns or shotguns. The larger dot makes target acquisition quicker.

The 3 MOA dot is most popular with rifles, or anyone wanting more pin-point accuracy, as the smaller dot covers far less of the overall target area.

The following options are available:

  • Item no. 300234 FastFire™ 3-MOA Dot with Picatinny Mount
  • Item no. 300235 FastFire™ 3-MOA Dot without Picatinny Mount
  • Item no. 300236 FastFire™ 8-MOA Dot with Picatinny Mount 
  • Item no. 300237 FastFire™ 8-MOA Dot without Picatinny Mount