XTR II 1-8x24

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The Burris XTR II 1-8x24mm is the newest addition to the XTR II family, and it has quickly captured a big share of the 3-gun and tactical market. It's also gaining popularity for hunting.

The 1-8x has extremely clear glass, with an absolute true 1x. That means no distortion or parallax issues when shooting with both eyes open.  Being able to zoom out to 8x provides enough magnification for some truly long range shots, making this scope adaptable enough for any competitive situation. 

Available in your choice of front or rear focal plane, each with a specifically designed reticle:

  • Item no. 201018 is the front focal plane scope, with Ballistic Circle Dot.
  • Item no. 201019 is the rear focal plane version, with Ballistic Dot reticle.

Which one to pick? Some people prefer the simplicity and speed of the rear focal as the reticle never changes no matter what magnification the scope is set at. Some shooters want the increased and finely-detailed accuracy that comes with front focal scopes.

The MAD Knob System means it's easy to set up the scope with capped knobs, or switch to an exposed elevation knob if you want to dial in a solution.  It's your choice: the XTR 1-8x ships with low capped knobs installed, and the low exposed tactical elevation knob in the box. The exposed windage knob is available from Burris.